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Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.


Tel :020-39218003


Wechat£º+86 13424018513 / +86 18138741952
Fax :020-80724373

Address: No.4 Butou Road ,Yongshan Village ,Shiji Town ,Panyu District,Guangzhou

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1 customer side there lightning accident;

(2) notify the Contractors;

3 Contractors notify the insured party (Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. );

4 direction of the local insurance underwriting company report, while customers also need to report location of the accidentto the insurance company;

5. An accident insurance company informed the local insurance company to survey the scene;

6. Insurance company to see the day of the accident, weather reports, to confirm the damage, nature, and gives treatment advice;

7. The underwriting company cooperates with the insured party and the engineering company to compensate the injured person for lightning damage;

8 Complete the claim.

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