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Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.


Tel :020-39218003


Wechat£º+86 13424018513 / +86 18138741952
Fax :020-80724373

Address: No.4 Butou Road ,Yongshan Village ,Shiji Town ,Panyu District,Guangzhou

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Service commitment

In order to constantly meet customer needs, achieve quality service purposes. Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. formulated the following after-sales service commitment details:

1, to provide technical advice, knowledge and routine maintenance services such as installation instructions, customer response time of one working day.

2, ¡°Haide¡± is our own brand, the company sold more products to ensure that the original production of qualified products, and five-year commitment to service. Within one year from the date of purchase, such as product quality problems, the Company will provide free repair or replacement of similar products; three years after the company sold products to provide free repair, only to recover the maintenance fee.

3, Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd.,  has the power to interpret the relevant provisions of the above.

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